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Thursday Gatherings

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Our flagship event is our Thursday Gathering. Every last Thursday of the month between 17.00 & 20.00 you can join freely accessible programming with Break-out sessions, Office hours and Info tables. This is how we create serendipitous encounters.

The focus is on making connections, building relationships & sharing knowledge. The impact happens in the crossover connections: attracting visitors from different industries to meet each other and inspire them to create new ideas.

We believe that innovation happens anywhere. That’s why our Thursday Gatherings and all of our programming is freely accessible for all who are interested.

Our friendly team of ambassadors and assistants is ready to guide you through our programming, our credo and answer any questions you might have. Don’t forget to pick up the weekly program at the registration desks!

Our impact

Venture Café’s impact and reach is extensive. Over the course of one year we welcome visitors to eye-opening sessions, attended by tens of thousands of interested people around globe. Our innovation community is continuously growing. But, it’s not our numbers that make us count, it’s the impact we create by building a strong, smart and motivated innovation community that gives us our voice. Furthermore, we are very proud at the myriad of new careers, new business opportunities, new jobs found, new friendships and new partnerships that were formed because of Venture Café.

The following ingredients make our Thursday Gathering a success:

Connections and Conversations

Our Thursday Gathering thrives on our community making connections with others. We consider making long-lasting professional and personal connections the true purpose of our work. We focus on sharing ideas, to inspire each other and grow as a community.

Break-out Sessions (Inspirational, Educational Sessions)

We think education and inspiration is a big part of growth and progress. Every week, our community organizes a variety of educational and inspirational Break Out Sessions, where you can learn about a wide variety of subjects ranging from business development to writing, presenting, self-defense, mindfulness, hackathons and much, much more.

Office Hours (One-on-One Mentor Sessions)

In our One-on-One Mentor Sessions, Office Hours, we offer our community an accessible way to enjoy intimate, one-on-one conversations with experts, entrepreneurs, investors and other business professionals. The Office Hours are the perfect way to ask questions, get advice and tips from seasoned professionals. Please see our program for more information about our Office Hours sessions and how to sign up (if required).

Info Tables

Our Info Tables are designed to offer the most direct form of contact with the visitors of our Thursday Gatherings. Info Tables are created specifically for partner organizations to share and promote information programs, competitions, test out new products, services and other events relevant to the Venture Café community. You can find Info Tables spread over the Venture Café space and you are encouraged to approach any of the Info Table hosts during our Gatherings.


We offer a platform where local startups can showcase their inventions and prototypes to the members of our community. This ranges from cool VR-based implementations to fresh new ways of working with existing tools. Our demonstrations are a peek into the future of what technology and innovation has to offer.

Do you want to contribute to out Thursday Gathering?

  • As a Program Partner, you have something compelling to share with our growing community of ideates and innovators.
  • Volunteer and help us make Thursday Gatherings happen every week. We need greeters, bartenders, kiosk attendants and really nice people to help make this happen each week.
  • Sponsor Thursday Gatherings as a way to show your support for Venture Cafe and the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. Weekly, monthly, quarterly and in-kind sponsorships are available in each location.

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We are part of a global network!

With an ever growing weekly attendance rate averaging over 300 new and existing visitors here in Rotterdam, globally the Thursday Gatherings is proudly the largest innovation community gathering in the world. We accumulatively attract over 100 000 people per year. Rotterdam is the first European expansion. Venture Caf´ is also located in Boston, Miami, St. Louis, Winston-Salem, Philadelphia, Sydney (Australia) and Tokyo (Japan) – And many more to come!

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