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We are an open & global community of innovators. Every Thursday, we’ll soon bring together students, startups, investors, corporates & government to support the innovation ecosystem! Join us!



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We are excited to see you in our flagship event, every last Thursday of the month at 17:00! come and enjoy our Break out sessions. Our mission is to connect innovators to make things happen, both locally and globally. Through the power of the internet, you get an amazing opportunity to connect with the innovation ecosystems of the Venture Cafe family around the world as well with the innovation ecosystem in Bilbao. Join the movement and build meaningful connections that can accelerate your business!

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Venture Café Bilbao’s mission is to connect innovators to make things happen.

We’re building a movement to change the world through innovation. Will you join us? 

Venture Café Bilbao helps innovators by enhancing and accelerating the growth of innovation in Bilbao and Basque Country through high-impact programming and events and by creating intentional spaces for entrepreneurial individuals and organizations to gather, connect, and build relationships. Venture Café Bilbao is a member of a global network and movement working to build stronger and more inclusive innovation ecosystems.

In 2020, we’ll launch the Thursday Gathering, Bilbao’s largest monthly innovation collaboration event. Hundreds of people from Bilbao’s amazing innovation and startup community will gather to enjoy, connect, engage and learn from each other every week. Stay tuned!